The following is a translation of a letter written by the lawyer Moshe Morgenstern, Esq. Bnei Brak, on behalf of Agudat Shmita.

The letter contains a summary of the activities of Agudat Shmita, and it confirms and authorizes the lawyer’s accompaniment throughout every step of the complex legal process this organization undertakes with every purchaser.  

Besiyata Dishmaya

Moshe Morgenstern – Lawyer

Hanna Senesh St., 51586 Bnei Brak 8

Tel 03-6167073

fax.  03 – 6160742

[email protected]


13 Nisan 5881, 26 March 2021 2021 


 I, signed below. Adv. Moshe Morgenstern, do confirm that:

 I accompany the non-profit organization the Shmita Association reg.  580719466 (hereinafter: “the Association”) as a trustee in a transaction for the purchase of private agricultural land in Israel for beneficiaries and its registration in trust in the Land Registry in the name of the association for the beneficiaries.  The association pledged to me that it would suspend the land from all prohibited earthworks in the year of Shmita in the coming Shmita year, 5882, under the guidance of the pillar of Halacha, the great Gaon Rabbi Shmuel Eliezer Stern Shli”ta, head of Shaarei Hora’a and the Rabbi of west Bnei-Brak, and with the blessing and encouragement of Maranan , Gedolei Yisrael Shlit”a. In this way, the purchasers of the land through the association will have the observance of the mitzvah of land reclamation in the highest manner.

As part of the purchase of land in trust by the association, and through the sale and sharing agreements signed in the transaction, anyone who unites with the association to purchase a land unit for which he is a beneficiary, will be considered the owner of the specific land unit (according to the plan dividing the field into land units) purchased for him by the association. From a legal point of view, in accordance with the provisions of the law applicable in Israel, every beneficiary is legally considered a complete owner of the land purchased for him in trust.


 Moshe Morgenstern, Adv