Halachic Supervision & Hashgacha

Letter or Recommendation and Endorsement by the Rav of the Agudah:

Hagaon Hagadol Rabbi Shmuel Eliezer Stern Shlita
Rav of Western Bnei Brak and Gaon Av Beis Din of Shaarei Horaah

The Rav of the Agudah in , ערב שנת השמיטה תשע"ה signing the papers that complete his purchase of land through Agudat shemita, for the shmitah of תשע"ה
On a tour in במטע המשמשים בזכרון יעקב in the year 2008


Chaf Hei Nissan, תשפ”א

I was asked by the directors of Shomrei Shviis, (whose goal is to give bnei yisrael the zchus of actually fulfilling the mitzvah of shmittah by acquiring a piece of land in Eretz Yisrael) to closely overlook the shtarei mechirah and the various kinyanim that they take care of. 

Shomrei Shviis ensures that the buyer has complete ownership of his land that is pre-planted with fruit trees, and through his allowing the land to lie fallow in the seventh year, he fulfills the mitzvah of shmittah to the full extent of halacha. 

Therefore, after intense research and clarification I hereby authorize that the shtarei mechirah and kinyanim of Shomrei Shviis are done k’das v’kadin, and the process is halachically proper down to the last detail. 

May Hashem help us all merit to fulfill this mitzvah of Shmitah from the torah, with the coming of Mashiach, Bimheirah biyameinu. 


Shmuel Eliezer Stern