How it Works

Agudas Shmita prepares the land in the sixth year

In the year before shmita, farmers working for Agudas Shmita will continue to cultivate the purchased land in order to enable a proper abandonment in the seventh year, the year of shmita. A qualified surveyor will divide the plot of farm land into units, thus enabling the ownership transfer of each unit to its buyer.


Before shmita, the purchasing process is completed and the units of land will be listed under each buyer's name in the Israeli Land Registry Bureau in what is called a tabo. Once the process is complete, each buyer will receive an official certificate via mail, displaying the exact location of his or her personal unit.

"And in the seventh you shall leave it untended and unharvested"

Before shmita, a beautiful ceremony will take place by the rabbinical messengers, in which the farmers will cease all work on the grove and open the gates wide for all who wish to partake in the harvest. Signs will be hung at the entrance to the grove proclaiming the field hefker in honor of shmita.

You are Zoche!

Each buyer is zoche to observe two important commandments of shmita, and to be blessed with the ultimate Divine blessing. Throughout the entire year of shmita, all 356 days, 54 weeks, 24 hours a day, every single moment – you will be fulfilling one of the most unique mitzvos of, “And in the seventh you must leave it untended and unharvested,” and “the land shall observe a Sabbath rest”. In the merit of performing this rare mitzva, you will surely see the Hashem's promise of “and I shall ordain My blessing" come to fruition, as the Medrash Tanchuma says; “I am He Who… will reward those who observe my commandments”
Once the year of shmita is over, Agudas Shmita will sell the land on your behalf.

Vous bénéficiez de la Mitsva de Shmita et de la Segoula "J'enverrai Ma bénédiction " !

A la fin de ce processus, vous bénéficiez de deux mitsvots positives de la Torah, à chaque instant et ce, durant les 365 jours de la septième année: la mitsva de "et la Septième année tu la laissera sans soins et abandonnée" et la Mitsva : " et la terre se reposera" . Par l'accomplissement de cette Mitsva rare et précieuse, vous recevrez la Beraha " Et j'enverrai ma bénédiction" verset explicite de la Torah à ce sujet.

A la fin de l'année de Shmita, l'Agudat Shmita vend le terrain en votre nom !