How it Works

Join and Appoint Us as Your Trustee

After you join on our website, you'll receive documents to sign via email. These include a trust agreement and a declaration of trust. By signing, you appoint Agudat Shmita as your trustee to purchase a land unit which will be under your private ownership until after the 5789 Shmita year.

Registration in Israel's Land Registry Bureau (טאבו)

In order to fulfill the mitzvos of Shmita and mitzvos hatluyos ba'aretz according to the strictest halachic opinions, the land unit you purchased will be officially registered under your name in Israel's Land Registry Bureau, with Agudat Shmita as your trustee.
You'll receive a certificate of purchase detailing your specific land unit(s), together with a map to reach the field and a video showing the specific location of your ama's/os'.

You're Zoche to do Mitzvos Shmita and Mitzvos Hatluyos Ba'aretz!

Once you've joined, you'll be fulfilling mitzvas Shmita every second for the remainder of this 5782 Shmita year. Then for the next 6 years you'll be fulfilling the relevant mitzvos hatluyos ba'aretz, and finally in 5789- mitzvos Shmita! Starting in year 6, you'll be zoche to the bracha of "Vetzivisi es Birchasi".

Planting the Field and Preparation for Shmita 5789

Besides for purchasing land, Agudat Shmita does all that is necessary to fulfill mitzvas Shmita and mitzvos hatluyos ba'aretz relevant to crops. Farmers sent by Agudat Shmita will plant crops in this field from which trumos and ma'asros will be taken, etc. In addition, you'll fulfill Shmita 5789, which can only be fulfilled with land that had crops growing on it during the sixth year.
Agudat Shmita will take care of all halachic clarifications, asking the Aguda's Rav: Rav Shmuel Eliezer Stern shlita, as well as full legal accompaniment, measurement, mapping and division into one-ama land-units.

We Halt all Agriculture Before Shmita

Before the 5789 Shmita year, Agudat Shmita's shlichim will do a work-halting ceremony, in which they will open the gates to the field and hang up a "Hefker" sign.

Fulfillment of the Mitzvos of Shmita

In the 5789 Shmita year, you'll be zoche to fulfill 2 mitzvos aseh, every single second of the year for all its 365 days: 1. תשמטנה ונטשתה' 2. 'ושבתה הארץ'