Own Land from Shmita to Shmita!
Reap spiritual benefit all 7 years:

· 6 years of mitzvos hatluyos ba'aretz
· Mitzvas Shmita 5789!

You can still purchase land during Shmita and fulfill the mitzva of "Veshavta Ha'aretz" every moment of the remainder of the Shmita year, and merit the parnassa blessing of "Vetzivisi"

You too can personally do those mitzvos
that can only be done in Israel-
Mitzvos hatluyos ba'aretz and Mitzvas Shmita!

Purchase an ama of agricultural land in Eretz Yisrael- registered under your name in Israel's Land Registry Bureau (טאבו) with Agudat Shmita as your trustee.
You'll be fulfilling mitzvas Shmita every second of the remainder of this Shmita year.
Fulfill mitzvos hatluyos ba'aretz with the crops grown on this land- for the next 6 years
Fulfill mitzvas Shmita in the 7th year of 5789!

How can you fulfill both Shmita and mitzvos hatluyos ba'aretz?

- YOU JOIN, thereby appointing us as your trustee to purchase an ama of land for you.

- WE REGISTER your ama in Israel's Land Registry Bureau (טאבו) under your name

- WE ARE YOUR SHLICHIM to plant crops, do the relevant mitzvos hatluyos ba'aretz and then halt all agricultural activity at the beginning of next 5789 Shmita year

- YOU'RE ZOCHE both to mitzvos hatluyos ba'aretz, and to mitzvas Shmita!

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From now until after the 5789 Shmita year!

By purchasing 4 amos and up, you also fulfill the mitzva of Yishuv Eretz Yisrael

Square Ama

45$ x24

(Total: 1,080$)

Four (Dalet) Amos in Eretz Yisroel

75$ x24

(Total: 1,800$)

Four (Dalet) by Four (Dalet) Amos

137$ x24

(Total: 3,288$)

Only farmers who work on agricultural land during the 6th year, can be mekayem the mitzva of shmita in the 7th year.

The average Jew cannot become a farmer for the two years required to give him full schar for the mitzva. Agudas Shmita has the ultimate, most halachically mehudar solution!

Ownership is attained via a trustee – a shliach, a representative who completely fulfills the mitzva and thus enables you to be zoche to its infinite blessing.

In order to merit this unique opportunity, b’hiddur, most poskim hold that one must privately own a piece of land in Eretz Yisroel, and have it formally registered in his name in the Israeli Tabo, rather than temporarily lease it

Why ownership? 
Why shouldn’t I just RENT a piece of land? 
Why Tabo and not ILA?

"אני הוא שעתיד ליתן שכר טוב אם ישמרו אותן"

(I am the one Who will reward those who observe My commandments)

(Midrash Tanhouma - מדרש תנחומא)

It’s Hashem’s actual promise: Those who keep Shmita will merit endless bracha in their lives, and the segulah of "וציוויתי את ברכתי"

FAQ: Shmita

Why do we need planted agricultural land? Why isn’t it enough to own any random piece of land in Eretz Yisroel?


The mitzva of shmita is in essence divided into two parts.

  1. One part is the mitzva of "והשביעית, תשמטנה ונטשתה" - Shemos, 23:11 "In the seventh year you shall leave it unattended and unharvested" This is referring to the commandment to be mafkir all produce that grows on owned land in the seventh year. It’s clear from here that the mitzva can be completed on agricultural land with ready trees or vegetation whose produce can be made hefker.

2. The second part deals with "ושבתה הארץ שבת לה'" Vayikra, 25:2 (the land shall observe a Shabbos of Hashem) Here the mitzva is to refrain from work in this time. This can only be attained with land that was worked in the sixth year, and then left fallow in the seventh.

According to the Posek of the organization, Rav Stern Shlita: Agudat Shmita must legally register every buyer with real estate taxation and TABO. Why isn’t it enough to deal with just the halachic aspect of the kinyanim without getting into legalities?


The psak of HaGaon Rav Elyashiv pertaining to mechiras chametz and a heter iska was that the documents should all be legally acceptable and that one should not be able to void them in court. Same is with the din for kinyanim in halacha regarding ownership of land: In order for the kinyan to be complete, one must ensure the legalities are in order as well.

What was behind Rav Stern Shlita’s psak to purchase land privately through TABO and not through ILA?


When dealing with ILA, you’re obtaining a long term lease, not complete ownership.

When it comes to ILA residential lands, there might be a way to     consider it buying rather than leasing, yet an agricultural land, such as this, is considered  on a "lower level"  for 3 main reasons:

  1. In order to really sell and give over the full rights of ownership, you need a special waiver by the ILA.
  2.  You have to renew the contract every few years
  3. The ILA has the right to decide that they’re not interested in extending the lease, which isn't the case when it comes to residential lands.
Can one who leases land and allows it to lie fallow during shmita be yotzeh the mitzva of shmita?


No. Being that renting is not koneh, the field remains in the owner’s possession and doesn’t belong to the renter. It also works the other way around: If a yid rents his land to a goy, he still needs to do the mitzva of shmita because the land belongs to him.

Are women also required to do this mitzva?



Is there an inyan to buy land before a shmita year begins in order to be required to do this mitzva?



Actualités sur la Shmita

שמיטה תשע"ה

רוכשים קרקע לקיום מצוות השמיטה

במעמד מיוחד ונדיר בביתו של הגרש”א שטרן שליט”א בהשתתפות ראשי אגודת ‘שמיטה’ נרכש המטע בו יקיימו אלפי יהודים את מצוות השמיטהחיים רייך י”ז סיון התשע”ד במעמד נדיר ומיוחד שהתקיים בערב חג השבועות בביתו של הגאון רבי שמואל אליעזר שטרן שליט”א רב מערב בני ברק ודיין בבית דינו של בעל ה”שבט הלוי” שליט”א, נרכשה הקרקע בה […]
להמשך קריאה
שמיטה תשע"ה

המקובל הרה”צ רבי דוד בצרי שליט”א הצטרף לאגודת שמיטה בעת ביקורו ביריד המבשר

עם תום תפילת רבים המיוחדת שהתקיימה ביריד כשהרה”צ שליט”א עבר לפני התיבה, נפנה אל עמדת אגודת שמיטה והצטרף להמוני בית ישראל יחד עם גדולי ישראל שליט”א לקיים את מצות השמיטה כהלכתה
להמשך קריאה
שמיטה תשע"ה

התעניינות שיא במיזם אגודת שמיטה

דבורה קורן המוני בית ישראל שנחשפו לראשונה למיזם המיוחד של אגודת שמיטה המאפשר לכל יהודי לקיים בעצמו את מצוות “תשמטנה ונטשתה” “ושבתה הארץ שבת לה'” בפועל, הצטרפו בפועל לקיום המצוות על פי כל כללי ההלכה.ראשי אגודת השמיטה הפועלים בהכוונתו ההלכתית של הגאון רבי שמואל אליעזר שטרן שליט”א גאב”ד “שערי הוראה”, עלו לבתיהם של גדולי ישראל […]
להמשך קריאה
שמיטה תשע"ה

מיזם חדש: שמיטת קרקע – גם אם אין לך קרקע

הכל התחיל כששני אברכים שלמדו הלכות שמיטה, החליטו להפוך הלכה למעשה: הם רכשו קרקע חקלאית ענקית, חילקו אותה לחלקים. כעת נמכר כל חלק במחיר מסובסד, בכדי לאפשר לציבור הרחב לקיים את השמיטה כהלכתה.שירה כהן, הידברות לכתבה המלאה באתר הידברות http://www.hidabroot.org/he/article/77474
להמשך קריאה

Dear Jew! Have you ever done the mitzva of Shmita or mitzvos hatluyos ba'aretz?

This is your opportunity to do many rare mitzvos and gain their special segula!