Four (Dalet) by Four (Dalet) Amos

By purchasing an ama of agricultural land in Eretz Yisrael, registered in Israel's Land Registry Bureau (טאבו), you'll gain- until after next Shmita (5789):

How many Four (Dalet) by Four (Dalet) Amos shmita lands would you like to own?

Total 3,288$
Insert full name of future fulfiller of mitzvas shmita b'hiddur

This name is for registration purposes in Tabo, and will be used in the signature at the completion of the purchase. If the land is being purchased as a gift, insert the recipient’s name here.

Once the purchase is complete, the necessary documents will be emailed to you in order to ensure that you fulfill the mitzva b’hiddur and become the trustee for your piece of land in Eretz Yisroel. Purchase now, and become the beneficiary of the endless brachos that shmita brings.

Four (Dalet) Amos in Eretz Yisroel

75$ x24

(Total: 1,800$)

Square Ama

45$ x24

(Total: 1,080$)