Washington Jewish Week: Your chance to observe shmitta

by / Wednesday, 15 August 2007 / Published in In the media

Rosh Hashanah this year will bring shmitta, a sabbatical year during which, according to Torah, agricultural land is to lie fallow. So what, you say, you don’t own any farmland.

Well, an Israeli organization has a solution: Buy a small plot of land, approximately 53 square inches, from us ‹ for $180 ‹ and you, too, can fulfill a biblical commandment.

“For the first time for many people, shmitta will no longer be a theoretical commandment for discussion and learning, but will become actual and practical,” Globes news service quotes Shomrei Shvi’it project director Simcha Margaliot as saying.

One more commandment on the way to 613.