How It Works

You Join By:

Assigning the Association as your “trustee” for the purpose of purchasing a plot of land on your behalf
Filling out the forms on the following pages: Trustee Agreement and Notice of Trustee Assignment

We Perform on Your Behalf:

The Association prepares the land on the sixth year

During the sixth year, farmers working for the Shmita Association will continue to cultivate the purchased land in order to enable a proper “untending and unharvesting” on the seventh year.

In addition, a certified surveyor will map the plot into defined units on behalf of the Association, so as to enable the ownership transfer of each unit under its buyer’s name.


On the eve of the Shmita year, the purchasing process will be completed and the plot units will be privately listed in the Land Registry under the names of each of the participants.

Once the process is completed, each member will receive an elegant certificate by mail, marking his precise plot.

“And in the seventh you shall leave it untended and unharvested”

Prior to the commencement of the Shmita year, a beautiful ceremony will take place by the rabbinical messengers, ceasing all work on the grove and opening the gates wide for all visitors. Signs will be hung at the entrance to the grove proclaiming the field hefker in honor of the Sabbatical year.

You Merit:

Every participant merits to observe the two positive commandments of Shmita, and to be blessed with the ultimate Divine blessing Throughout the entire Shmita year, for the duration of 356 days, 54 weeks, 24 hours a day, every single moment – you merit to fulfill the mitzvot, “and in the seventh you must leave it untended and unharvested,” and “the land shall observe a Sabbath rest.”

In the merit of performing this rare mitzvah, you will surely see the fulfillment of the promise “and I shall ordain My blessing,” as the Medrash Tanchuma says; “I am He Who… will give good reward if they observe them.”

Once the Shmita year is over, the Association will sell the land on your behalf.