Purchases can be made also throughout the Shmita year!


FAQs About the Purchasing Process and the Plots of Land:

How do I purchase the land?

Buyers can click here to order tracts of land. After completing their online order, users must download the provided form, sign it and e-mail/fax/mail it to the number or address indicated. Order online by clicking here.

Is it possible to make a land purchase for a friend so that he, too, can fulfill the mitzvah of Shmita?

Of course. One who wants to give a plot of land as a gift sends us all the pertinent information in order to make the purchase, as well as the personal information of the person receiving the gift. The Shmita Association sends the trustee agreement document to the receiver to sign, and then sends him/her all the documents pertaining to his/her ownership of the land. Many people purchased plots as gifts for weddings, bar mitzvahs, or even as birthday presents–a unique gift that the recipient has certainly never received before.

How much does it cost?

Each individual can purchase a small tract of land.
A tract of 1 ama= $180.  4 amot= $360.  16 amot= $1,000.

Where does my $ go? Does it go towards supporting Shmita-observant farmers?

The money that you pay to buy a plot of land from us includes the price of the land, taxes (before & after the Shmita year), lawyer’s fees (before & after the Shmita year), measurer, wages for the farmer who works the land before Shmita, organizing this enterprise, secretary’s fees & more.

What do I receive?

Every buyer will become the rightful owner of the land from the official date of purchase (a few days before Rosh HaShana 5775) until the end of the Shmita year. Each owner will also receive an attractive certificate detailing his/her ownership.

Where is the actual land located? Can I visit my plot?

The land is located near Rosh Pina. During the Shmita year, owners are welcome to visit and photograph the land.

What happens after Shmita?

The purchase is made by The Shmita Association for full ownership of the land without any expiration date of ownership (This is done in order to comply with halacha and Israeli law that do not allow the purchase of land for a limited amount of time). However, The Shmita Association is appointed as the purchasers’ eternal trustees at the signing of the agreement, with the full understanding that the land will be sold at the end of the Shmitta year.

FAQs About the Mitzvah of Shmita:

Isn’t Shmita a mitzva for farmers only?

The mitzva of Shmita was mainly given to whoever is the private owner of agricultural land in Eretz Yisrael.  Usually only famers own agricultural land in Eretz Yisrael. However, thanks to The Shmita Association, any Jew can now join and become the official owner of agricultural land that will lie fallow during the entire Shmita year, and thus fulfill this mitzva ‘behidur’. (According to several opinions, this is the only way to fulfill the mitzva of Shmita according to halacha.)

Shmita is a unique mitzva which spans the corse of an entire year! Shmita is filled to the brim with important Jewish messages such as: Faith and trust in G-d, believing that G-d is the source of one’s livelihood, equality in society, supporting the less fortunate members of society and more.

Can this serve as a segula (Spiritual catalyst for success)?

The unique blessing of וציותי את ברכתי לכם, “I Have Commanded My blessings to you” is bestowed upon those who scrupulously fulfill the mitzvah of Shmitta. Owners of parcels of land purchased through The Shmita Association can also merit receiving Hashem’s blessing to the Jewish People, a blessing which is explicitly stated in the Torah. The Torah’s blessing has the ability to greatly influence the success of each and every one of us who allows his land to lie fallow, as the Midrash Tanchuma states: “It is I who will give great reward in the future to those who will observe [these mitzvahs]” – those who observe Shmitta. May Hashem Help all of us to personally merit witnessing the fulfillment of this precious Divine assurance. May we merit seeing the heralding of the Geulah, speedily in our days. Amen.