Lessons of Shmittah

by / Thursday, 29 May 2014 / Published in Shmita Articles

The Gemora says in Sanhedrin (39a) – A student asked Rebbi Avahu, “Why did Hashem give us the mitzvah of Shmittah?” He replied, “Hashem told Yisroel, Plant for six years and leave the seventh – then you will know that the land is mine”.

Rashi explains that this is so that we do not beceome haughty and think how nice the land is, and forget that Hashem is the King.

The Sefer HaChinuch adds to this (Mitzvah 84). “We should remember that the land does not produce fruits every year for no reason. Rather, the land is owned by Hashem. When the real Owner wants, He declares it ownerless”.

Shmittah also helps us to remember that Hashem made the world. Just like we rest on Shabbos, Shmittah is a year of rest after six years of work.

Shmittah helps people strengthen their faith in Hashem.

(This article originally appeared in the Mishpacha-5768 Shmittah edition).