Arutz Sheva: Diaspora Jews Can Participate in Mitzva of ‘Shmitah’

by / Sunday, 12 August 2007 / Published in In the media
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A novel program enables Jews outside of Israel to observe the coming Sabbatical year (Shmitah), which is one of the mitzvahs that cannot be performed in the Diaspora. The Jerusalem-based Shomrei Shvi’it (literally “guardians of the seventh year”) gives Diaspora Jews the opportunity to purchase small tracts of land in Israel and leave them untouched during the year, in accordance with the Biblical commandment.

The plots of land cost $180, according to Globes, and are located near Ra’anana. “For the first time for many people, shmita will no longer be a theoretical commandment for discussion and learning, but will become actual and practical,” Simcha Margaliot told Globes.